The House of Mandela commemorates the life and spirit
of a great African soul, our father and grandfather,
Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. Tata lived so others
could live freely and that the happiness
of others could reign supreme. He lived so that liberty,
hope, dignity and peace should not perish.

Madiba tried to be a good father as he knew how, a good husband as
circumstances permitted, a good grandfather as conditions allowed and a
great statesman as dictated by providence. Now he belongs to the ages.

We take this moment to lift our eyes to the Qunu horizon and commit
ourselves to keeping your dream and legacy alive; aware that you
served as a constant beacon of light for us, a flag hoisted
high that constantly guides and inspires us.

We miss you very much Madiba and your spirit will live forever.

The website is currently under construction. For enquiries please email tukwini@houseofmandela.com