Who We Are

We are the proud progeny of the Royal House of Mandela, an African family dedicated to the preservation of our history, culture and family. Our history, culture and family values are closely linked with the life and times of Africa, her people, resilience, compassion and courage.

The Mandela name is one of heritage, strong values and royalty. The Mandelas are the descendants of a royal bloodline that dates back to the 18th century when Thembu Land was part of the royal kingdom of the Eastern Cape. Our legacy can be traced back to King Ngubengcuka, the king of the Thembus; tracing back to a small village in the Eastern Cape, where the great Chief Mphakanyiswa of Mvezo and father to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ruled. Our history is steeped in tradition, family values and a strong sense of community. We are proud of our heritage and believe that only when we understand and appreciate where we come from is it possible to achieve a state of enlightenment and progress in our journey through life.

As Africans, we believe that community is an extension of our family and we strive to uphold our values in the way we interact with everyone around us. Openness, honesty, empathy and patience are the cornerstones of how we form bonds with our immediate and extended families. We strongly believe in a sense of humility, integrity and a common notion that our problems can be solved more effectively when we open our hearts, our minds and come together. It is this long–held tradition that has led us to create a brand of wines that embodies such important values. The House of Mandela Wines comprise of the same values as their namesake with their unassuming, subtle characteristics. They are best appreciated when people come together and share stories and learn lessons from those who have travelled the road of life before them.