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Epic Wine Tasting Event Held Recently

The iYellow Wine Cave was home to an epic wine tasting event this week, with notable iconic House of Mandela winemakers (and offspring of the civil rights activist and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela) Dr. Makaziwe (Maki) Mandela and her daughter Tukwini Mandela.
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The History of the House of Mandela

“We honour those who gave birth to us, with them we watch the spectacle of the moving mists. They have opened their sacred books to sing to us with us. They are the mystery that envelops our dreams. We sing the anthems that celebrate their great eras, for indeed…life does not begin with us.”

– Mazisi Kunene

The Daily Meal Video Network | The Daily Meal

Tukwini Mandela, granddaughter of Nelson Mandela and marketing director of House Of Mandela Wines, discusses the story behind the brand of wines.

House of Mandela Wines on 6 in the Mix

Tukwini Mandela at the South Beach Wine and food festival was featured on 6 in the Mix in Miami.

WIOD AM Miami Radio House of Mandela Wines

Tukwini Mandela on WIOD Miami Radio talking about the House of Mandela Wine range.

House of Mandela – Deep River Wine Range

Tukwini Mandela discusses the House of Mandela Deep River Wine Range.

House of Mandela – Thembu Wine Range

Tukwini Mandela discusses the House of Mandela Thembu wine range collection.