Deep River Deep River

Deep River

This River, has a lot of significance for us as Thembu people. It represents strength, power, royalty and the never-ending cycle of our lineage and legacy.

As you sip this wine, we invite you to participate in keeping the Madiba spirit alive.




Royal Reserve Royal Reserve

Royal Reserve

Three wineries located in the Western Cape region produced our Royal Reserve Collection, our pride and joy, and the pinnacle range of wines. Stringent quality control resulted in only three wines being accepted into The Royal Reserve. The chosen wines embody the virtues of royalty while maintaining the humility of the Thembu people.

In order for the wines to be selected for this label they had to exhibit qualities that reflected the status bestowed upon them. They had to be inviting in their flavours, subtle in their tones and evoke pride with their uniqueness. For the wines to bear the Mandela name, they were judged on the highest standards.





Thembu Collection Thembu Collection

Thembu Collection

The Thembu Collection is inspired by the Thembu people who were hospitable, disposed to peace rather than war and dedicated to their rulers. The Thembu Royals presided over a democratic system of decision-making. They were a proud people who commanded the respect and trust of their people. They had a deep appreciation of nature and their land, a warmth, compassion and rapport with all kinds of people.

These wines embody these values; easy to drink and accessible. Seven varietals have been produced for this range, four red (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Pinotage) as well as three white (Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc).


Vusani Series Vusani Series

Vusani Series

Vusani was the name of our ancestor King Ngubengcuka colloquially meaning ‘let the Thembu nation rise’ – through strong family values – discipline, courage, love and a sense of community. It is theses strong – held traditions that have led us to create a brand of wines that embody such important values.

They are best appreciated when people come together and share stories and learn lessons from those who have travelled the road of life before them.




Brut Brut


Xhosa beadwork played an important role in providing people with a sense of belonging and a cultural identity. It helped to provide a solid traditional base on which they could model their ethics, morals and ways of living. Beadwork also served a valuable spiritual purpose, as it was believed that it linked the living to their ancestors.

Social identities could be identified through the beadwork ensembles worn. It also provided an important fashion service, giving voice to self-expression and reflecting the individual styles of creator and wearer alike. The beadwork often held symbolic references in the use of color, the pattern formation and motifs. These practices are still applied in modern day South Africa. As you consume our bottle of sparkling, celebrate your own rich heritage