Why Wine

The South African wine industry is an important economic sector in the Western and
Northern provinces, and in the country as a whole it constitutes an over R20 billion
sector, produces 3 % of global wine production (number nine in the world) and in
2008 exported over 400 million litres.  The industry sustains 3839 primary producers
and 585 cellars.  There are an estimated 350,000 farm workers and their dependants,
with a large number of workers and entrepreneurs operating in the wine trade
and service sectors.

Although South Africans in general are not predominantly wine drinkers, we believe
that this is an opportune time to enter the wine industry, not only to be a producer
of a uniquely South African product of superb quality with a soul, but also to increase
responsible domestic consumption of wine. Very few black South Africans participate
in the wine industry and we believe we would be a welcome addition to the South African
wine industry. Like wine, South Africa is a kaleidoscope of different colours and textures.