Global Citizen

Five years ago today, we remember the passing of Nelson Mandela. 100 years ago this year, an icon was born.
Together, in partnership with Global Citizen and we celebrate his life.
Nelson Mandela embodies the mentality, ideals, and traits of what we feel being an “indigo spirit” represents.

Challenging and standing up for what you believe in, not falling into a formulated and broken system, and making the world a better place by contributing your own unique perspective.
This T-shirt is much more than another garment.

It represents a set of ideals and a partnership for a greater cause.
It is the relationship between Nelson Mandela and those Indigo spirits of today that have picked up the torch and carrying on his legacy; hopefully sparking that same energy that his life and story left us all with.

The planets orbit around the oversized Global Citizen logo with an almost invisible glitter text that reads “my identity transcends geography or political borders and calls for responsibilities and the rights derived from membership in a broader class known as humanity.”
(As taken from the description on @wikipedia defining the idea of a “global citizen.”)

This year celebrates the 100 year anniversary of Nelson Mandela and this past weekend the world celebrated the GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL MANDELA 100 in Johannesburg South Africa.

Only a 100 of the T-Shirts were made by @advisoryboardcrystals in honor of Mandela’s centennial.

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